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25 novembre 2014 2 25 /11 /novembre /2014 15:39

Reçu destopvivisection@stopvivisection.eu

Présentation à la Commission Européenne le 26 Novembre prochain.


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Press conference STOP VIVISECTION at the European Parliament

The European Citizens’ Initiative “STOP VIVISECTION” has collected 1,170,326 certified signatures which will be presented to the European Commission in conjunction with the Press Conference to be held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday, 26th November, 2014, at 14:00 o’clock.

Certified by the national authorities of all the EU member states, these signatures testify to the strong will of European citizens, and many of their politicians, to put an end to animal testing and to replace it with scientifically based biomedical research, with a view to effectively addressing, on a global scale, the urgent needs of human health in relation to the risks of chemicals.

During the press conference, representatives of the Scientific Committee of Stop Vivisection (*) will explain the scientific and the economic background to this very successful European Citizens' Initiative. This will include the details of the health issues that affect all of us.

Convened by the Members of Parliament Fabio Massimo Castaldo and Michele Rivasi, the press conference will present scientific documents relevant to the issue of animal testing and to the need to use non-animal replacement methods like tiered testing strategy, which are by far more reliable and relevant for the human species, as much as faster and cheaper, allowing thus scientific progress to happen in biomedical research.

Also to be explained are the next steps of the Initiative.

The conference will be in the Press conference room of the Parliament. It will begin at 14:00 a.m. and last for 30 minutes.



André Ménache (United Kingdom)

Zoologist and veterinary surgeon, director general of Antidote Europe.

Claude Reiss (France)

Physician and cellular biologist, Laboratory Director for 30 years at CNRS of Paris and at Jacques Monod Institute, professor at the University Of Lille, president of Antidote Europe.

Gianni Tamino (Italy)

Professor of biology at the University of Padua, former member of the European and of the Italian Parliaments, president of EQUIVITA Scientific Committee.

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 juste raz le bol des atrocités et de la lâcheté ! Basta !
 L'indifférence s'appelle complicité.
  • Nada ! rien de particulier... juste raz le bol des atrocités et de la lâcheté ! Basta ! L'indifférence s'appelle complicité.

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